Let's face it, New Yorkers have a special relationship with their pets. Manhattan alone has around a quarter of a million pets.  Can you think of a city as built up as New York where you see as many pets?


As accommodating as New Yorkers are to pets, usually the most comfortable surroundings for them are at home.  There, your pet will be most relaxed and feel secure; there won't be other unknown animals, people and strange smells.  

A trip to the vet practice can be stressful for some animals, and those that easily get anxious are especially good candidates for house calls.  And from a vet's perspective, a calm animal is easier to treat. 

Being treated at home also removes the risk of your pet catching any other illnesses while in contact with other sick animals.

One thing close to Dr Chapman's heart is how much time she has with the animals.  So many clinics these days restrict appointments to 15 minutes, and this is just not enough time to do a thorough investigation of the animal, discussion with the owner of what he or she may have been noticing, and then to complete blood draws or other procedures.  House calls often last up to an hour, which gives Dr. Chapman ample time to get to know your pet, and at a pace that ensures the highest level of care.


On The Day

Dr Chapman may come alone or with an assistant, depending on the nature of the call out.  She will first sit down and chat about what's currently going on with your pet and also pertinent history.

She'll then do a thorough examination, potentially followed by some tests and treatment. 

Any medications that need to be ordered will arrive the next day.

If any blood tests are done it will usually take a day or two for the results to be processed.  Dr Chapman will email as soon as they are available to arrange a follow up call for further discussion.